Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catches thieves just like flies.


Trying some new colored paper drawings. <3 Spider-Man

They're bacccckkkkkk

I doodled this while listening to some old podcasts recovered from the vast library that is the internet.

Haven't drawn any Internauts in a while. They came out kinds...disney esque.

Child Vision: I R Love MoshMallo

Another made by someone at Holderness, Ian (1st grade). He made a Marshmallow monster who loves (and is made of) Marshmallows.


Children Vision: Celr Estr Boney

I've been observing classes at Holderness Central School, and I've always wanted to re-draw some children-designed monsters, or drawings.

I finally got my chance today...First up is the Celr Estr Boney (bunny) by Henry (1st grade).

And the one I did: